Marine Scaffolding Applications

Scaffolding tailored to the intricacies of marine works.
Brownes Scaffolding Ltd provide bespoke solutions designed to a high standard to accommodate the size and intricacies of marine scaffolding works
We have extensive experience with Temporary roofs and have supplied it for a wide range of residential & commercial building types including Schools, Churches, Warehouses, Shopping Malls and Multi storey housing blocks.
We supply a wide range of fall prevention and protection systems for working at height.  These include safety netting, guard rail systems and staircase access solutions.
We work in partnership with an approved asbestos removal team.
  • Fully insured
  • Bespoke designed scaffold’s
  • Competent & Qualified scaffolder’s
  • Regular audits of scaffold structure
  • Encapsulating scaffold with option of shrinkwrap
  • Marine – Yellowstone Oversea’s Tanker

    Marine – Yellowstone Oversea’s Tanker We was approached by the client to install some hanger type scaffolds in a very short time frame as the vessel was destined for another Continent.

  • Confined Space Scaffolding in Kent

    Super Yacht – Portsmouth

    This new and exciting project was the effort of months of careful planning between Browne’s Scaffolding Ltd and our Client.