Confined Space

Confined space refers to any place, including any vessel, tank, container, pit, bund, chamber, cellar or any other similar space which by virtue of its enclosed nature, creates conditions that give rise to a likelihood of an accident, harm or injury of such a nature as to require emergency action.

Work in confined space requires specialist training, specialist equipment and careful planning. Our operatives are fully trained and are experienced at working under confined space conditions, following our strict safety standards at all times.

We produce in-depth method statements and risk assessments that encompass rescue and recovery procedures, use of rescue equipment, monitoring of gas and the use of breathing apparatus related to the work in hand.

Confined Space Projects

Brownes Scaffolding Confined Space Support Towers Whitstable

Support Towers

The towers were built to the inside of the underground storm water tank at Whitstable Kent to aid in the support of the car park above. This was due to the excessive corrosion caused to the concrete support pillars of the existing structure. 82 no support towers were erected in total and each underwent thorough inspection to ensure that no movement occurred.

Brownes Scaffolding Confined Space Scaffolding for Painting

Interior Painting

The scaffold was erected to enable the application of a specialist painted sealant to the inside face of the tank at Portswood water treatment works.
The scaffold consisted of four lifts of a circular scaffold, with each lift totalling 64m in length. Three of the lifts were fully boarded to give operatives safe access to the inside walls at the required levels to complete the task.

Brownes Scaffolding Confined space scaffolding at Barcombe WTW and reservoir

Barcombe Reservoir

The scaffold was erected from the bank across and into the reservoir to give safe access for remedial works to the inlet valve that allows water to flow into the reservoir. Although it looks like a large area, the confined space definition of a tank or bund needed to be adopted as the nature of the work and area could create and give rise to the likelihood of an accident, harm or injury of such a nature as to require emergency action.


These are some of the questions we are most commonly asked. If you have a question that you don’t see here, please get in touch.


What area do you cover for your work?

We will cover any area for work and have even ventured into Europe.

What level of insurance do you carry?

We have £10 million pounds Public and Employers liability insurance cover.

What training do you give?

All our operatives are CISRS registered scaffolders ranging from labourer to advanced scaffolder. We also have operatives who are confined space trained and have EUSR cards along with various other qualifications to be able to work in all environments.

What accreditations do you have?

Please refer to the Certifications page of the website.